System Design showdown

About the Event

Key Themes:

- Web3 company/product pitches

Key Benefits:

- Practice innovating in Web3 while practicing for system design interviews keeping your skills sharp

- Participate as a Hacker or come along to observe. The system Design Showdown brings together startup founders and product owners with developers to push new boundaries, develop innovative solutions and transform how projects are delivered. Whether you are a beginner or expert.

- Identify data and project talent, see how they work and help steer their passion

How it works:

this hackathon is a 1-day event where:

- 3 founders/protocols will be giving pitches on their web3 products

- Decide on your favorite project and architect your solution

- Submit your document for grading

- Highly Skilled Judges score and give detailed feedback

- Winners revealed within a few days, post event